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BUDGET Candy Cane 10 Hoop Bundle

BUDGET Candy Cane 10 Hoop Bundle

Since Witzigs stopped making hoops, I've been on a mission to find an alternative that is a strong, durable, light and not bendy or wobbly. This is a thing...I ordered lots of premade hoops that are just plain weird. Wobbly and bendy and, in my opinion impossible to use. 

So I sacked off finding premade ones and made this guys.

They aint pretty and only come in this orange stripe (these are untaped, you can also buy them taped here:   

Made to order in 16mm tubing and riveted at the connection andyou choose .

Drop me a message if youd like advice or help.  

Taped bundles of these hoops, here:


    Made from 16mm plastic tubing. 


    If you have any problems with your hoop please do get in touch as soon as possible and I can try my best to rectify the problem. 

    As this is a custom order it is not elligible for a refund unless it is faulty.



    Postage time 7-14 days

    Shipping time will be discussed at time if order. Advise if you need for a specific date and I will most definitely do all i can to get it done but its a big job so please bare this in mind when ordering. 

    Sent through Parcel Force 48



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