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Custom Sectional 16mm Polypro Hoop

Custom Sectional 16mm Polypro Hoop

Gorgeous 16mm sectional polypro hoop, available in 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 pieces easy to transport and store, a great option for travelling or for those who take their hoops everywhere. Same great quality as traditional collapsible polypros but easier to store and take around with you.  

Available in 5 beautiful, bright and vibrant colours that pop against all backgrounds. Neon Green, Purple, UV Orange, UV Yellow, UV Pink.

Please enter colour choices when prompted at checkout and what order you would like the colours.  Sections can be interchangeable, but will fit seamlessley with the order you list the colours. So it it is reccomended that you connect the individual sections of the hoop together in the order that you state at checkout. 

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