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Translucent Bare Polypro Travel Hoop with grip

Translucent Bare Polypro Travel Hoop with grip

SKU: 36523641234523

Simple but beautiful translucent polypro tubing in either 3/4 or 5/8 tubing, with your choice of either inside or spiral grip tape. Bare polypro travel hoop with inside grip in your choice of bright vibrant colours. Polypro is lightweight and super responsive, the best hoops for learning tricks and adding flow into your hooping. If you need help with sizing get in touch


    Hula hoop collapses down with a push button.

    Limit the time that your hoop spends coiled down.

    Hoops under 30" should not be collapsed and attached with the button as it puts too much pressure on the connector and can lead to kinks. Collapse and tie with string

    Leave hoop to uncoil, unbuttoned to regain shape.

    Polypro can become brittle in cold temperatures/


    If you have any problems with your hoop please do get in touch as soon as possible and I can try my best to rectify the problem. 

    Please watch the video of how to safely collapse and uncollapse your hoop. 

    Hoops are under warranty for 6 months. 


    Shipping is recorded and signed for. Hoops will be made and sent a week from purchase date unless I contact you. If you need the hoop sooner, please get in touch and Ill see what I can do 

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