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Hoop maker, performer and teacher, bringing the joy of hula hooping to South East Kent and beyond


Beautiful handmade hula hoops in a selection of tubing for beginners, fitness, dance, tricks and children.
Stockist of stunning high quality tapes.


Experienced UK teacher of ground based circus skills for adults and children in London and South East Kent, weekly classes in Ramsgate, Margate and Broadstairs of hula hoop fitness & tricks for adults and circus skills for kids.


I really like hula hoops

Hi! Thanks for stopping by :) My name is Bean and I love all things circus but I especially love hula hoops. I first picked up my beloved hoops after having my second child, looking for a way to tone up and get fit without having to go to a gym or a traditional fitness class. So I found the hula hoop, not realising then, that I'd discovered not only an awesome way to improve my fitness but also something that made me feel pretty bad ass too.  Soon I was hooked discovering there was so much more than just waist hooping to be learnt (which is awesome btw). So much fun could be had with these plastic circles and all the amazing never ending array of tricks to challenge myself and keep me hooked. Having attended many workshops, classes, teaching casually and volunteering in various capacities whilst living in London, I decided to take my obsession to the next level when I relocated in Ramsgate, Thanet. I decided to complete the LiveLoveHoop instructor course so that I could share the hoop love and get Thanet hooping. During the height of my hoop addiction and the constant smuggling into the house new hoops I decided to start making my own hoops and when I began teaching became a full blown hoopsmith or hoopmaker, I never know what to call myself. I love being able to spread the joy and happiness that hooping has given me to others. 



 This Bean Spins brings fun and happiness to classes and events all over, don't believe me see what people are saying

Had an awesome first lesson, was a bit nervous going to a new class on my own but everyone was welcoming and felt relaxed straight away. Was a good work out and lots of fun !!

Shan Bentley

Celine performed at our wedding Fayre last weekend and was brilliant! So lovely to work with, super talented and highly recommended!

Leila Jones

My family and I have had some lessons with Bean and she is AMAZING! The atmosphere she creates is supportive and encouraging but we also look forward to our lessons because they are really enjoyable. It's exercising, but it's fun! I couldn't even spin the hoop twice in my first lesson, but by my third I was able to keep the hoop up for ages and do extra bits rather than just concentrate on keeping the hoop up with a mad expression on my face. I would recommend trying these classes to everyone.

Rosie Kenderick

I am traveling and ordered a hoop, she made it for me that night posted next morning & got it out to me with in time! Couldn’t recommend this lady any more! 5 customer service!!!

Lorna Farmer



07376 132150

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